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Welcome for all who are seeking the truth, recently I have discovered Jakob Lorber (1800-1864), author of “The Great Gospel of John” and just like to share my joy with all of you, you can learn about him and unload the first tome in http://www.jakoblorber.co.nz

 Here are some excerpts from a section from that site:


"I have many more things to say to you but you cannot bear them now. But when He, the Spirit of Truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come"

(John 16: 12,13)

The Great Gospel of John, Volume 1

1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

[1] This verse has already been the subject of a great many misrepresentations and interpretations; yes, even atheists have made use of this very text to dispute My Deity all the more surely since they in general denied the existence of the Deity. However, we are not going to once again present such false concepts whereby the confusion would only be increased but shall bring light into the matter with the shortest possible explanation.[...]

[2] A main reason why such texts are not understood is unfortunately the very poor and incorrect translation of the Scriptures from the original tongue into the tongues of the present time.

The Great Gospel of John, Volume 2

A look into the mysteries of creation

The Lord: "It takes eons of earth years until a world like this small earth is mature enough to produce a human being. How many plant and animal species were necessary to form through their decay and rotting that humus from which a strong primary soul could take its body and organise it in a way that it could serve the soul and be capable of reproducing its own kind, so that the complete, free but not yet incarnated souls might no longer have to spend hundreds of years condensing a body out of the vapours, but will be able to product the same on a much shorter route in a womb fully equipped for that task?"


The Great Gospel of John, Volume 4

Jesus on the concept of Hell

"Let no one think that I had originally already created hell. That is quite wrong. Also, do not imagine it to be a place for eternal punishment of the evil-doers of this earth. It has formed itself from the numerous human souls who on earth in the flesh scoffed at any divine revelation, denied God and did only what their external sensuality enjoyed.[...] All souls, the good and the bad, are out of Me, and just as no part of Me can ever be destroyed, this also cannot happen even to the worst soul, and every soul will continue to live according to its love."


The Great Gospel of John, Volume 5

Jesus' response to Lazarus' question: "What is actually eternity and how is God Himself within time and space eternal and infinite in everything?"

Behold, God, space and eternity are identical to the concepts of Father, Son and Spirit. The Father is love throughout and, thus, an eternal aspiring after the most perfect existence through the force of the eternal will within. Space, or the Son, is the forever out of love's eternal aspiration also eternally issuing existence, and eternity, or the Spirit, as the infinite primordial force in Father and Son, is the movement and realisation of love's aspirations in the Son.[...]

But I still see a certain dark obstacle within you which you are as yet unable to overcome. And this consists in that you imagine the endless and eternal space as being dead and without any life-intelligence and, therefore, cannot comprehend how God, as the sole eternal life-principle, could find Himself,as it were, in the eternal and endless death and recognise and comprehend Himself as the most perfect life.

Therefore, do now imagine exactly the opposite concerning the eternal, endlessly great space. Imagine that there is in it not even the tiniest spot without life and intelligence and that even what to you appears like dead and completely lifeless, is not dead and lifeless, but only under judgment by God's almighty will in the same way as you can see it on a celestial body or its lifeless appearing components.

If God, Who is identical with infinite space and its eternal time, yet is within Himself the highest and most perfect life throughout, how can possibly what goes forth from Him alone be dead and without life and intelligence? That which seems dead to you, although it does exist, is only underjudgment by God and can return to a completely free life as soon as God loosens the bonds of His will within such a judged thing. [...]

If all that is so, and cannot possibly be otherwise, you must — in order to gain a true and alive conception of God — ban all death completely from infinite space and think only of life upon life and intelligence upon intelligence, since there cannot ever be any death in God's infinite, mighty, intelligent existence.

The Great Gospel of John, Volume 6

The Second Coming

[2] On the occasion of My Second Coming, I shall not again be born as a child somewhere of a woman, for this My body remains transfigured as do I, as a spirit, in eternity, and so I shall never again need another body in the manner indicated by you.

[3] However, first I shall come invisibly in the clouds of heaven, which means to say: I shall first approach humanity through true seers, wise men and newly awakened prophets. And in those days also maidens will prophesy and young men will have clairvoyant dreams announcing My advent. Many will listen to them and mend their ways, but the world will call them mad fanatics and not believe them, as was also the case with the prophets.

[4] Moreover, I shall from time to time awaken persons to whom I shall dictate through their heart all that is now, during My presence here, happening and being discussed. What is written down will, within only a few weeks and days, be multiplied in many thousands of identical copies in an artful manner well-known to the then living people and thus become accessible to them. And the people in those days, almost all of whom will be able to read and write, will be able to read and also understand the new books.

[5] This way of spreading My teaching from the heavens, given anew and uncontaminated, will then make it possible to reach the people all over the earth much more quickly and effectively than is possible now through messengers in My name by word of mouth.

[6] When in this way My teaching will have been brought to the people of good will and active faith and at least one third of humanity will know of it, then I will also, here and there, come personally and bodily visible (in the transfigured spirit-body; compare [2]) to those who love Me most, are longing for My return and have a fully alive faith.

Final Word by the Lord

Thus, all has been discussed and faithfully recorded that is connected with My physical life and has visibly manifested on earth.
However, there is a large part missing, namely, what had been taking place in the spiritual world. To grasp this, the world is still far too immature, and even the few who believe in My direct word cannot take it in as yet. But there will come a time, and it is not all too distant, when the people will return to a more purely spiritual perception. Then the time will have come to reveal also this, and it will be done. Now let everyone be content with what is offered and follow My teaching, so that this time may soon come quite near; for the nations shall be drawn closer to one another and the earth shall become a place of peace.